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Week 3

This week we have managed to formulate more of an idea as to the shape that our future website will take. I think that by using a combination of WordPress and any other skills that our group has we can create a useable, useful and efficient website. I think that by limiting our coverage to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, we can identify good local bookstores and specialist stores and review/report on them in a way that people will find useful. I’ve been playing around with some of the widgets available on WordPress┬ásuch as the calendar, category list and Delicious links, and I think that all of these will be great for us.

Now it’s just a case of figuring out how many people will be working on this idea and dividing up the areas accordingly. I’m looking forward to getting in to the details of it all and, most importantly, coming up with a name! I’ve been trying to think of catchy yet appropriate names all week but am still coming up short so I’m hoping for inspiration to strike soon!

More to follow once we’ve had a chance to sit down and get some concrete plans in place ­čÖé

Week 2

Thanks to the freak storm and torrential rain over the long weekend I was unable to attend class this week and as such I didn’t get a chance to discuss the group project. After hearing from a few members of the group, however, I’m really liking the sound of where our website could be heading. Reviewing, categorizing and critiquing Melbourne bookstores sounds like a great idea and I think it could really work. When people are looking for a specific type of book that isn’t readily available in chain bookstores, or they just want to browse through unique selections, our website could be the place to look to find the right store. We could get bookstores on board with us by offering to promote any of their upcoming events or news, possibly including new releases or special releases.

I’m really looking forward to discussing this with everyone tomorrow night as it sounds like we’re definitely getting somewhere!

— Anthea

Week 1

During our first class we had a chance to start coming up with ideas for our group project based on common interests and experiences. The group that I was looking at focussed on books and reading, and we started considering websites based on book clubs seeing as a few of us are members of one.

My bookclub meets tonight so I’m thinking that I might, surreptitiously of course, drill them for information and ideas. I’m interested in exploring the idea of creating a website as a resource for Melbourne-based bookclubs, perhaps with suggested reading lists and a forum for users to add reviews and favourite books, and maybe a feature where local bookclubs can register and maybe organize events or at least share ideas and progress.

More to follow after tonight, hopefully I’ll have some more concrete ideas or directions to investigate.

— Anthea

p.s. Ten points to anyone who can guess where the title of my blog comes from ­čÖé

First Post

Wow…so this is a blog?

I usually consider myself to be reasonably technology-savvy, yet for some reason setting up this blog has taken an inordinate (and embarrassing) amount of time!

Hopefully what follows will be a) more exciting, and b) much less painful than this!

— Anthea